My name is Dustin Hunt and I am first and foremost, redeemed by the blood of Jesus Christ. I have a beautiful wife named Anastasia and three wonderful children: Jayden (8), Owen (6), and Claire (1).

I am the Lead Pastor / Planter of Coram Deo in Las Cruces, NM. Before planting Coram Deo, I served on staff at Desert Rivers Community Church as an Associate Pastor and The Summit (St. Louis) as a Church Planting Resident. Lastly, I am a graduate of New Mexico State University (B.A. Information and Communication Technology) and Covenant Theological Seminary (Masters of Divinity).

I am currently a PhD Student at Union Theological College via The Kirby Laing Center, under the supervision of Dr. Michael Wagenman and Dr. Bruce Ashford. I am studying the contemporary form of Christian Nationalism in the United States and exploring how the theology of Abraham Kuyper and the book of 1 Peter provide resources for engaging such a challenging topic.

This blog primarily serves as a place for my thoughts on biblical, theological, pastoral, and ministerial topics.