Hunt Family Update – Church Planting

September 12, 2018

As many of you know, my family and I moved home to Las Cruces after completing my Masters of Divinity from Covenant Seminary. For the last year, we have been pursuing full-time vocational ministry opportunities around the country. Through much prayer and seeking wisdom from trusted mentors and friends, our family has decided to put down roots in Las Cruces by re-planting Desert Rivers Community Church. Our family is beyond excited to minister again in our hometown with the hope that is only found in the Gospel. Though the road ahead is full of uncertainty and fear, amidst the chaos there is excitement, joy, and dependence upon our God to do great things in our city. Thank you for your prayers, messages, and encouragement along the journey.


For the past three months, the leadership of Desert Rivers has been meeting to discuss some potential changes to the church. After many meetings (many, many meetings!), the leadership of Desert Rivers has decided to transition the Saturday gathering into a launch team model with the explicit purpose of re-planting on a Sunday morning with a new name, mission, and values. Starting the first week of October, Desert Rivers will transition from gathering on Saturdays as an official church to meeting on Sundays as a launch team. This launch team will seek to soak itself in the new name, mission, and values of the church, while also seeking to live missionally, engaging the city with the Gospel. We will continue to gather as a launch team until we have gained enough critical mass to officially  launch publicly on a Sunday morning. Right now, our tentative launch date is September 2019.

Since we will be transition the congregation into a new plant, we have decided to re-write the name, mission, and values of the new church to begin a new season of ministry in Las Cruces. This is not to say that anything was wrong or ineffective with the previous information. It is rather that beginning of a new season calls for fresh vision. Our hope is that the same spirit and culture that was alive in Desert Rivers can be carried into the new church plant.


Name: The name of the new church plant is Coram Deo. Coram Deo is a latin phrase which means “before the face of God.” Our vision behind the name is that we would be people that live our entire lives before the face of God in such a way that the Gospel informs and shapes us spiritually, emotionally, physically, culturally, and socially.

Mission: The mission of the church is the intended goal or purpose of the church. Our mission is: We are a group of transformed disciples who live before the face of God for the glory of Christ and the good of the city.


If you are interested in learning more about the name, mission, and values of Coram Deo, or would like more information about the church plant, please visit Coram Deo’s website (more updates coming soon). Also, if you would like to receive a newsletter that gives updates, prayer requests, and further information about our gatherings, please fill out the form below.

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